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Petsfit bird backpack Item NO.: DCC1537ZB0601J

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US$ 89.99

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  • Petsfit Bird Carrier with Stainless Steel Bowl, Slide Tray for Easy Cleaning, 13 x 10 x 16 …
Product Name Petsfit bird backpack
Item NO. DCC1537ZB0601J
Weight 5.8 kg = 12.7868 lb = 204.5890 oz
Category Bird > backpack
Tag backpack , bird carrier , bird backpack , bird , petsfit
Brand Petsfit
Creation Time 2019-05-21

  • Size of the perch: 13.5" x 0.6".Used for bird standing. With buckle to use in the car
  • Size of the bowl: 2.5". Removable and washable bowl for easy feeding
  • Size of the tray: 13" x 10". Can be slided for easy cleaning
  • Size of the pocket: 10" x 5". With a small bag and side pocket to store small things
  • Four 1" holes on the top for good ventilation and side flaps to shade lights



This is amazing!

Great price, it's affordable for it's size.
Easy storage, you can fold it down in a snap!
Perfect for vet visits, bike rides, etc!
Great way for your bird to get Vitamin D. If they have low levels, their feathers turn black.
Easy cleaning, the tray slides straight out via a zipper on the side.
Bird gets used to it fast, my conure liked it immediately.
The three carry ways are really handy!

Water bowl does not fit inside the rim it comes with, but that's no big deal.
The perch isn't a customizable diameter, I would love it if you could choose which diameter it comes with.
It smells like plastic for the first few days. Make sure to put it in a well ventilated room with a fan on for about a day.

Thanks a lot for making this amazing product. Five stars from me and Percy!



So I just got the backpack today. I have to say that it looks AMAZING. only thing buyers beware the perch is made for a budgie not much bigger. I can't say that i can see my senegal or quaker enjoying to stand on it. It is just too skinny. They need to make a perch for it that is wider that will fit other birds.



For as often as I thought I would use a backpack carrier I did think about going with a cheaper one, but boy am I glad I didnt. This one is amazing! Great quality.



This is perfect for my green cheek conure and is sturdy enough I have no concerns about her getting through the material without being noticed.



Its really good quality and it comes with a quality storage bag so you can fold it down when you're not using it. Its super roomy for a single cockatiel



 I love it



Lots of features, designed and manufactured well. Perch is not amazing but it comes with a replacement and I imagine it wouldn't be hard to put another perch inside. Has a car strap for trips in the car which is nice, as well as another bag for storage. Yes, a bag for your bag. Comes with a small, deep, metal food bowl but no water bottle so you'll have to purchase one separately. Don't make the same mistake I did and buy a guinea pig size bottle as it won't fit properly. This bag is well constructed and the right size for a cockatiel or other small parrot. Anything bigger than a parrotlet will be uncomfortable. Its a bit pricey for my taste but definitely a solid product. Try not to smack people with your giant backpack though! You can also wear it as a shoulder/ crossbody bag albeit a bit awkwardly.



It is ideal for birds, allows you to control direct sunlight, place for a water bottle (purchase seprately), birds feel right at home.



His head can't go any higher, and his tail can't go any lower. In fact, we only put paper in bottom tray without the grate or his tail drags. We were kind of discouraged when we first got this carrier because it stated the perch is 1 diameter when it's really 1/2 . I noticed they've since changed that info. But we liked the carrier so much we decided it was worth customizing a perch. Also the wire that attaches the food dish was about 1/8 too short. They kindly replaced it and also gave us $10 back because of the mislabeled perch size. Company was excellent to deal with. We put in our own perch finally (pictured) with our own hardware. Perfect now. Only other complaint is that the perch can turn around in the carrier, unless they've fixed this problem. When we put in our own perch, we also added ahdesive gripper mat pieces cut to size. Solved. If anyone wants to upgrade with their own perch, pictured is the hardware it took. The hanger bolts are a bit troublesome to put in, but here's what I learned. If you use an acorn nut on the end, but first screw on 3 standard nuts (from a package bolt set I had on hand), you can use a drill with socket attachment to screw in the bolt via the acorn nut UNTIL the nut breaks through (they're weak) then then standard nuts will act as a stop and give you more length so you can continue to screw in until the bolt end and the smooth middle are in the wood, leaving only the machine end of the bolt exposed. Make sure the washers are stainless steel for bird safety! Other hardware can have zinc. First slide on a washer at each end, install perch, slide on another washer at each end on the outside now (adhese rubber backing first), then finish with wing nuts. You can see in the pictures how it looks on the outside, and they don't stick out enough to cause problems.



Perfect bird carrier in every way. Our green cheek conure fits great with plenty of room.



Wanted to get this before I got my bird but it's amazing quality and love the feature that I can secure it in my car so it won't fall off the seats



After a few days of wariness, we finally took the bird by the wing and took Wallis, the cockatiel for a walk. Smashing success!



My conure loves this carrier and if he loves it then I say it’s money well spent. It’s a good way to let your bird experience the outdoors safely and keep you company when you’re out for a walk.



I am super impressed with the quality of this carrier. Sturdy and well-designed, I feel super comfortable and confident taking my bird on walks in this, and I believe it will last for a very, very long time. What sets this product apart for me, when compared to other similar bird backpacks, is that it is not over designed. It is well thought out and it has what you need, but not tons of stuff that you don't, and I really appreciate that. I can't stand tons of bells and whistles that I'll never use and that just get in the way. This carrier has none of that.

The few and easily forgiven cons:
The included food dish is very deep and narrow. Not sure my cockatiel could realistically reach down into it to eat unless I really filled it up.
When it first arrived, it had a vinyl odor. I left the flaps open outside for two days and the odor disappeared.
The waist belt doesn't cinch down tight enough. I am very petite, and it would be nice to have a tight waist belt to keep the pack close to my body while walking, to minimize bouncing for the bird.

Excellent product. If you're looking for a backpack type carrier, this is the one.



It’s well made and well designed - particularly the pull out tray. I like that it also has a wire grate in the tray just as you would have in a cage. The one drawback for me are the ventilation holes in the top. They are large enough for my little guy to get his head into so I need to cover them somehow. The carrier itself would be really great if it came in a smaller size.



This carrier is amazing! Not too expensive and so worth it! It's the easiest thing to put together and it's strong. The quality is just amazing! The closing flaps on the front and sides are my favorite! Really helps keep your bird calm! And you can buckle them in the car so they stay safe!!



I was pleased to find out how well is made, and then my african grey broke one of the buttons... I am so disappointed because I planned to use it... don't know what to do now. Picture is here



This thing is awesome. Easy to put together. Water bottle doesn't come with it and you will want it so grab a cheap one of those.

Pretty sturdy, comes with a replacement perch.

I have a sunconure (5 months) plenty of space for him.

I love it.



This came today. We love it. We bought it for our African Grey parrot. It is sturdy. Love the tray on bottom that it slides in and out of side of carrier. Makes it easy to clean. Like the clear front in which our parrot can see out. It came with a bag to store it in. It is comfortable to carry. I like it has flaps and can be closed up if we need to. It is constructed beautifully. We feel the price for this quality carrier was very much worth the price. We plan on using this for short outings for our parrot. We put her in it and she was fine. I would highly recommended this carrier.



This carrier is awesome. It is fairly comfy for the wearer, and both of our birds seem to like it (we have a blue fronted amazon and a green cheek conure). Both birds have plenty of room. It has convenient strap options and the cutest little food bowl. The only thing that would make it better is a water bottle. I haven’t found the right one for this bag yet. So far the birds have gotten to go to work and on a bike ride/picnic. Best travel “cage” ever!