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Petsfit Expandable Foldable Pet Carrier

Petsfit Expandable Foldable Pet Carrier Item NO.: DCC002611BZD2114M

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US$ 35.99

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  • Petsfit Expandable Foldable Pet Carrier for Dog Cat, Soft-Sided Carrier for Travel
Product Name Petsfit Expandable Foldable Pet Carrier
Item NO. DCC002611BZD2114M
Weight 1.5 kg = 3.3069 lb = 52.9109 oz
Category Cat > carrier&backpack
Tag cat , cat carrier , dog carrier , cat bag , long dog , carrie , expanding carrier , rabbit carrier
Creation Time 2019-05-22

  • Material: Durable oxford fabric, washable. Ship from California(4 - 7 days)
  • Extra space provided for long rides. Not all airline approved, so please check your airline rule.
  • Dimension: 20"Long,11.5"Wide,12"High,21" Wide on the bottom when the porch fold out.
  • For pets up to 15 lbs.Remember to measure your pet's dimension firstly.
  • Soft Sided: Breathable mesh to provides the pets to look through. Built-in Collar Buckle: For securing the pet from escape. Collapsible: Removable fleece mat for easy cleaning.



Works great love the side opening.



Kitty loves it.



Our cat traveled cross country in this in the back seat of our truck. She had plenty of room to stretch out and roll around and we were able to put a small bowl of water in the corner as well. So much better with the expanded side.



Just what I expected



My cats love this because it gives them security and enough room to move around. It is easy to setup and then fold up to go. It is genius for all pets. Very soft and comfortable for your pets. Large enough for pets up to 25 lbs.



Great product. Gives your puppy extra room when it's needed.



Perfect and airline approved for traveling!



I bought this carrier (18 x11 x11 ) for a chunky 15 lb cat for airline travel across the US. Overall, I am happy with this carrier. It feels sturdy and high quality. If the height were a little lower, at the 9 hard carrier limit that is common for many airlines, or more compressible, then I would have given it 5 stars.

Best features:
- The patio : I have a chubby cat and I wanted a carrier that wouldn't cram her in too tightly. With the patio, she has more room to stretch out while waiting at the airport.
- Luggage strap: Along one side there is a strap that can be slid around the extendable handle of rolling luggage so the carrier can sit securely on top.
- Straps: With a long strap and two shorter straps, carrying this bag feels just like carrying a duffel bag.
- Aerial dimensions: Even when closed, there is enough space for my cat to turn around and to lie down. It's tight, but not too tight for a flight.
- Top loading: My cat doesn't like to be led into a carrier, but with a zippered entry at the top, I can just drop her right in.
- Dark mesh: I imagine this would help skiddish animals feel more secure in an airport.

Things that could be improved:
- It's too tall: I like the 11 baseline, especially for my wide kitty, but I wish the medium were lower to comply with airline regulations. The frame is metal poles, with one solid U pole on each end and two straight poles running along the top. The carrier could be squished down in the back to 9 , but it put strain on the U frame and would probably damage it if done extensively.
- Ventilation: The front and top have mesh, but neither of the sides do. I wish the luggage strap had been placed on the porch side to allow mesh on one side at least.
- Cheap mat: The included mat feels pretty cheap and cannot be machine washed. I'm also skeptical about the carrier's water-retaining abilities in case of an accident. I'll probably add my own liner.

Bad design elements:
- Access to the porch: A zipper in the porch mesh must be opened in order to unzip the side panel of the main carrier. I guess the side panel is there to prevent your pet from having access to the folded mesh of the porch, but the design gives your pet a potential chance to escape when you're opening it. I'm just going to leave that side panel unzipped to prevent this.
- Mat shape: The mat has a folded portion meant to rest in the bottom of the porch. But either you must fold it under the main mat, or you prop it along the side of the carrier when the porch is not in use. I'm tried it out doing the latter, and it seems to stay in place along the side, but I worry it might fall over on my cat. Worst case, the porch doesn't get a mat.

This review focused on a lot of the less-than-ideal elements of the carrier, but overall I like it a lot and I think it will serve my purpose.



Great carrier. It fits ell under the airplane seat and then it opens to the side giving my pup much more room to breath. Very happy with this purchase.



Great carrier but my cat was able to move the zipper enough to open it. I had to really make sure the zipper was completely done and she still worked at it.



This travel bag is fabulous! I moved by auto cross-country from California to Georgia and needed something where my large 20-pound cat could be somewhat comfortable during the trip. This carrier fit the bill.

My initial concerns when purchasing was retention of shape, sturdiness of fabric, able to seat-belt and, lastly, the actual roominess of the bag needed for the trip. Though hesitant, I ordered after I read Amazon reviews as well as visiting a few other websites. Upon initial unpacking I could see seat-belting would be no problem and the roominess was what I wanted when the side panel was unzipped. I would have to wait for the actual trip to see of it stood up to intense travel. Other benefits of the bag was a nice, think padding that extended out into the side panel, clip inside for additional security, 3 zipped areas for animal loading and a shoulder strap for ease of carrying from car to destination.

We started our 5-day cross-county trip and, as hoped for, the zip panel allowed her to stretch out and sleep during the long car ride. There is a nice, thick padding for comfort that extends into the expanded area. You do have to take care to tuck the panel into the accordion of fabric so when zipped up the panel doesn't fall into the regular compartment when occupied. The carrier retained it's shape when moved from car to hotel and back. There was give to the carrier when needed but it always stayed in shape. The fabric and zippers were sturdy even after my cat tired to chew on it and worked to open the zippers. If you have a real feisty cat this may not be hold up but for my 6 year old it was fine. By the end of the trip this carrier became her one constant safe and secure place. With the top zipper it was easy to take her in and out of the carrier. She hates to be loaded in face first from the side and being able drop her into the bag only helped in a stressful situation. For clean-up I used a damp cloth and a roller brush.

Bottom line, I'm very happy with this purchase and it helped make a stressful trip easier!



Love this, my cats are big and they appreciated the extra space this bag provided for long rides on planes. Would highly recommend and it is also a good price!



Buy this one. That simple. I thought my dog was 14lbs but turned out to be 10lbs and this carrier was perfect. Luckily my hubby, and I had an open seat between us and it was under that seat this carrier went. Was able to unzip the drop down side and our pup was sooo happy. No one knew when had a dog until we landed. It was easy to pet, feed, and give water. No issues with flight staff and a happy dog. Don't forget to buy the carrier insert pads for accidents. Ours didn't use his but it did give us a sound mind.



My cat loved it! He had plenty of room even with his water and food bowls.



Every time we visit the vet, we get many compliments and Where did you get that from? from the pet parents! Spacious and many zippers to the compartments. We are very happy with purchase!



I have gotten lots of comments on this carrier because of the extended compartment. It helps our puppy not feel so trapped and gives him room to move around. Plus there are lots of ways to access the puppy - through the top, the side or even the extended area unzips.



Our large cat did a cross-country trip in this no problems. He's older, so he's only 14lbs now, but still much larger in height and length than most smaller dogs. We kept the side closed during in-and-out of the car, but let down his lanai in the car and during picnic breaks. He normally doesn't cooperate with these things, but everyday he went into this carrier without any issues. He definitely enjoyed being able to stretch out and enjoy the extra visibility.

Ours is a bit of an escape artist, and could get out easily if the double zippers were not closed to the lowest zip point (eg, bottom of the carrier). Recommend that you don't leave the zippers up as little paws and noses can work them apart.



It was good but unfortunately I didn't use it because my dog grew so fast. I noticed that it would be a problem to carry my big dog because this petsfit has no frame, so I think it's made for pets less than 10 pounds.



We have 2 havanese dogs 10 lbs each and they both fit in one bag when expanded. It bends to fit on Delta flights under the seat and both dogs have enough room to rest comfortably. The fact they can look up through mesh and see me reduces on their anxiety. This is a well made bag and we carry our dogs everywhere in it. The only thing is if you can't expand then it will only fit 1 ten lbs dog comfortably. When expanded it can handle 2 with room to spare.



Genius. Put my Shih Tzu in there to see if she would fit ok. I can't say she can stand upright....but she fits. The side expansion option is genius for planes. Haven't flown yet...but will report on that experience. Well made and the pad inside is very cushy.