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    This is amazing! Pros: Great price, it's affordable for it's size. Easy storage, you can fold it down in a snap! Perfect for vet visits, bike rides, etc! Great way for your bird to get Vitamin D. If they have low levels, their feathers turn black. Easy cleaning, the tray slides straight out via a zipper on the side. Bird gets used to it fast, my conure liked it immediately. The three carry ways are really handy! Cons: Water bowl does not fit inside the rim it comes with, but that's no big deal. The perch isn't a customizable diameter, I would love it if you could choose which diameter it comes with. It smells like plastic for the first few days. Make sure to put it in a well ventilated room with a fan on for about a day. Thanks a lot for making this amazing product. Five stars from me and Percy!
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    I bought this dog house in 5/2019 and about a year later the dog house was leaking, had mold inside and was falling apart. I reached out to Petsfit and their reply was that wood products are easy to mildew if they are placed in a humid place for a long time and that the warranty period of their products is one year. If that's the case then this should not be labeled as an outside dog house. These dog houses according to Petsfit are not made to be outside for a long period of time. The purpose of an “outside dog house” is to be able to stand rain, sun or any other “outside” condition. These dog houses are poorly made with cheap materials that don’t last more than a year. I have pictures of what happens to these dog houses which I will definitely share with my bad review so no other customer is lied to with false information. Petsfit wants to charge me for the cost of materials and freight to repair the dog house which is just absolutely ridiculous! After several emails with my order number and screenshot of the date and order information, Petsfit said that they couldn't find my order that I placed through their website. I haven't gotten a response in over 2 weeks and now the email to Petsfit is undeliverable. Terrible customer service and products!
    Service: Sorry for such a problem in our product. We hope you can give us a chance to compensate you, please contact us by email and attach a photo of the problematic part of the product. We will provide you with a solution to the problem until you are satisfied.
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    Our dog loves this crate. It's light weight and easy to pack up when finished. Highly recommend.
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    Hello, we bought the smaller (23 inch long grey/light blue) pet carrier with the detachable base on Amazon on Dec 7, 2019. We love the carrier! A plastic piece on the handle base has broken, so the handle no longer stays upright on its own. Would it be possible to purchase a new wheel base/handle? Thank you for a great product! 🐾
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    My daughter put this dog house together and said she had no problems
  • US$ 129.99



    My daughter put this dog house together and said she had no problems
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    We put this together in under an hour! The instructions are the easiest I’ve used that I can remember. I HATE reading instructions because they’re usually unclear and confusing. They even put the screws on a labeled card! When I say, I LOVED this assembly, I mean, I LOVED ASSEMBLING THIS CAGE!PROS:Very easy to assembleSturdyAttractiveCONS:I DON’T HAVE ANY! ENJOY!
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    Muy bien
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    As described so cute. Just know bunnies chew on wood so if you get this you have to buy wood sticks or paint so the rabbit will not mess it up!
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    This cage is nice for the looks and the ramp. There was no wiring though for the bunnies to per on so they walk on their on pee and poop. Also they poop and pee on the wood which is very hard to clean.
    Service: We will modify the product according to your suggestion. Can you send us pictures? We can help you solve the problem or give you some compensation.
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    So I just got the backpack today. I have to say that it looks AMAZING. only thing buyers beware the perch is made for a budgie not much bigger. I can't say that i can see my senegal or quaker enjoying to stand on it. It is just too skinny. They need to make a perch for it that is wider that will fit other birds.
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    For as often as I thought I would use a backpack carrier I did think about going with a cheaper one, but boy am I glad I didnt. This one is amazing! Great quality.
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    Works great
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    paint job was shabby (very light coat) so i dont know honlong it will last in humid miami Fl
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    I had some trouble installing the ramp, had to use longer screws. Looks nice when assembled.
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    I love my condo. First saw it in Hawaii at a cat sanctuary and knew my cats would love it too.
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    This is perfect for my green cheek conure and is sturdy enough I have no concerns about her getting through the material without being noticed.
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    Its really good quality and it comes with a quality storage bag so you can fold it down when you're not using it. Its super roomy for a single cockatiel
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     I love it
  • US$ 89.99



    Lots of features, designed and manufactured well. Perch is not amazing but it comes with a replacement and I imagine it wouldn't be hard to put another perch inside. Has a car strap for trips in the car which is nice, as well as another bag for storage. Yes, a bag for your bag. Comes with a small, deep, metal food bowl but no water bottle so you'll have to purchase one separately. Don't make the same mistake I did and buy a guinea pig size bottle as it won't fit properly. This bag is well constructed and the right size for a cockatiel or other small parrot. Anything bigger than a parrotlet will be uncomfortable. Its a bit pricey for my taste but definitely a solid product. Try not to smack people with your giant backpack though! You can also wear it as a shoulder/ crossbody bag albeit a bit awkwardly.
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