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Petsfit Dog House Outdoor
Petsfit Dog House Outdoor


US$ 129.99
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  • 2020-07-16
    My daughter put this dog house together and said she had no problems
  • 2016-04-02
    Great addition for our family pet!
  • 2016-03-31
    Bought the middle/medium size and there's more and it's perfect for our mini bull terrier. We don't use the flaps. Pretty sturdy.
  • 2016-03-25
    We were looking for an Extra Large doghouse for our German Shephed puppy and this one seems to be the perfect size for her as she grows. Good quality and easy to assemble.
  • 2016-03-23
    Very easy to put together, nice looking, and quality materials. Only need a Phillips screwdriver to assemble.
  • 2016-03-13
    We love this dog house. Easy to put together and exactly what we were needed. We bought three of them and they are well worth the price.
  • 2016-03-12
    Pain in the butt to assemble, but worth it!
  • 2016-03-08
    Well made and very easy to assemble.
  • 2016-03-08
    So far great and easy to instal. Got it yesterday night. Put it together in 45 -1h with my mom. Still waiting for Canela to get curious and go in on her own.
  • 2016-03-06
    I'm using this for my outdoor cat and she loves it. Great product and genius design.
  • 2016-03-03
    I love this because it comes with the plastic flaps that keep rain out. The only small thing i noticed was that was the way they put the SMALL dog house together the hinges aren't able to put on correctly because the pnumatic hinges are a much smaller size for the small dog house and they don't really open past 60 degrees. because of that i just took them off because the push was about to tear a chunk of the side of the wall off
    the roof is too heavy for the small hinges
    but i have seen the big dog house has bigger different type of hinge attachments that allow for 90 degree opening causing a very small strain on the hinges.
  • 2016-02-29
    This was packaged awful. Several pieces of wood were chipped. There was glue all over the side pieces. The instructions were relatively easy to follow. And I overall like the dog house. It looks really nice and the roof is great quality. My biggest gripe about it is that my dog doesn't really fit in it. Once she's is in she can't stand up and turn around. She's a little tall for her size but she fits great in the crate we bought from MidWest. Not sure why this is so short.
  • 2016-02-26
    It is a good product, I like it, easy tu put together.
  • 2016-02-18
    I recommend this product to anyone.
    Especially senior dogs.
    A large and small dog EASILY and HAPPILY fit.
    Best purchase ever.
  • 2016-02-16
    Shipped fast, very easy to put together...just need to get the dog to go in it
  • 2016-02-12
    The house is very cute, but putting it together was a chore. The directions were, obviously, written in Mandarin and then converted to English via a computer translator. They made no sense. I chucked the directions and called in reinforcements.
  • 2016-02-10
    As expected
  • 2016-02-02
    I purchased this for my 2 dachshunds. Sadly, they don’t like to share it, so the female usually perches herself in the house. My husband was the one that set this up. It took him about 30 minutes with no bad words!

    First off, I love this house! It is great. The only one sad thing, is the floor has slots in it, but our dogs are in the heated garage, so it is not a huge deal. It assembled very easy. The instructions were fairly clear and the house pieces were packaged nicely. It took a Philips-head screwdriver to assemble.

    The wood outside reminds me of Lincoln Logs and are very sturdy. The roof is angled and has material like shingles on it. This helps protect the dog and keeps moisture from collecting on the top. The shocks for the roof are nice and keep the roof up if need be. This helps when changing the bedding.

    Like I said before, I wish the flooring was a little closer together. They are not large gaps, but if an animal is outside, make sure to have proper coverage on the floor. Also you might (or might not depending on you) want to paint the white trim. It looks like it is primed only. A little white paint would really make it pop. For us it really doesn’t matter, but for some it might.

    Overall it is a great house! I am very pleased with this purchase. I feel the dogs have a nice place to sleep, and it is super easy for me to clean with the roof being able to lift. Maybe one of these days they will figure out being in the house together with plenty of room is the way to go. 
  • 2016-01-31
    Works great for us. Customer service rocks.
  • 2016-01-26
    Great little dog house.
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