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Petsfit bird backpack
Petsfit bird backpack


US$ 89.99
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  • 2019-02-17
    I wanted another brands bird backpack. But its double the price and I just have two bratty budgies. Found this bag and was blown away! It folds flat and has a carry bag. Stainless steel cup and bottom tray with grate. Bottom tray can come out without opening bag. Lots of vents and big viewing window. 2 perches. Nice padded straps and carry handle. I have been working on introducing my birds to the bag. So far not scared of it all all just haven't gotten into it. Its huge for two budgies. Very happy with this purchase!
  • 2019-02-14
    So I got this product so I can take Rue to more places, and travel with him in it.

    He LOVES it, the moment I assembled it he went in it and when wouldn't let me take him out, I'm happy that my baby is happy
  • 2019-02-06
    So I ordered this since I wanted a backpack style carrier, but didn't feel like paying 250 for one. I was bit hesitant on this, since it was advertised for small birds and I have a Timneh African gray, but my fears were unfounded since this is more than large enough for him (for better sizing, see the photos above).

    I'll be honest, I was expecting something kinda cheap in build, but I will say I was delighted to be proved wrong.

    Right out of the box, everything was neatly packaged in a really good quality case. That's right, the carrier came with it's own carrying case which easily fits the carrier and all it's parts. As a little aside, the case has a little card attached with contact info for the manufacturer letting you know you can contact them for damaged, defective or missing parts, if you have any issues in setting up or just to let them know if you have ideas to improve it. I don't often see that from sellers on amazon, and it was really nice touch that left me with a good feeling about this manufacturer.

    Actually getting the carrier out and set up took about 10 minutes total. The directions weren't super easy to follow, but honestly you hardly need them, it's zip a few things up and slide in the tray. Again, build quality was really impressive here. The main zippers are cleverly protected on the inside from any naughty beaks ( a blessing, my bird loves zippers). The whole carrier feels really sturdy and well made. The mesh feels strong, the fabric firm, the zippers solid metal. The covers for the mesh all have solid, smooth backings.

    I tried it on, and as a backpack, it was actually fairly comfortable and stable, I could see myself walking around with it very easily. The side strap wasn't quite as comfortable, but I have very slim shoulders so I think that was more of the issues.

    Actually I think my only suggestion for improvement would be tucking the zipper for where the tray enters, and maybe adjusting the carrier so it fits better for those without broad shoulders.

    Other than that, an excellent product that I whole-heartedly recommend.
  • 2019-01-30
    I bought this for my daughter’s conure. It can be used as a bird car seat for safe transport. My daughter loves to take her parrot with her into town where a lot of places are pet friendly. It’s also good as a temporary cage for an overnight visit.
  • 2019-01-15
    I bought this neat carrier to replace a standard plastic box carrier. I have a Yellow Naped Amazon and it works for her. The perch is definitely more for a small parrot like a Conure or Senegal. I modified the bird perch with an old toy piece I had laying around and my parrot is happy with the new perch I put in. The cleaning tray is very convenient and the food bowl stays snug so your bird won’t be able to dump out the food. The water bottle add on is great, too bad it is not included.
  • 2019-01-07
    When it arrived, we wanted to try it right away. My cockatiel is young so she is kind of scared of new places (actually she was terrified) but with patience, we hope she would get used to it
  • 2019-01-05
    This felt like a very good quality carrier. I really wanted it to work, but the dimensions didn’t accommodate the tail of my princess parrot, so I had to return it. The return was easy.
  • 2019-01-01
    The cup for the food does not fit into the holder in the backpack. I like that you can keep it completely dark inside and it can attach as a car seat.
  • 2018-12-17
    Only good for smaller parrots , if you have an African Grey the perches will hurt their feet cause they are too small .
  • 2018-12-12
    Good travel Cage
  • 2018-11-27
    This is a great bird carrier. My bird however takes exception to the plastic see through window and I'd prefer
    it to be mesh. Otherwise, this is a very well designed, easy to handle, way of transporting your bird.
  • 2018-11-21
    We just opened the bag up and he immediately went and perched inside in comfort. Went hiking with him in the bag and he really enjoyed it.
  • 2018-11-18
    This is wonderful backpack carrier! It is well built and easy to assemble and take apart. It comes with a clever zippered storage bag to stash the disassembled carrier in for safe compact storage. The stainless steel food cup is quite handy and the exterior elastic bands are awesome for holding a small water bottle externally. The only amendment I made was to wrap the wooden perch rod with Coban self adhesive bandage to provide better grip and a more comfortable place to stand for my feathered friend. We use it to take our Green Cheek Conure on road trips to visit family and on shopping outings locally. My birdy Odin (aka The All Feather) gets excited at the sight of it, hops on in and is ready to go!
  • 2018-10-28
    Worked well for a long distance move
  • 2018-10-22
    This backpack is expensive but it IS the one you want. Leaving this feedback while I’m walking my dogs and my rescued mustache parakeet on my back. The parakeet is yelling at everyone we pass. She was relinquished at the bird shop near me and I fell in love. This backpack is elegantly made, expertly designed and very comfortable! This will bring us lots of joy!
  • 2018-10-21
    Quality is excellent and it is a 5 star
  • 2018-10-07
    Totally amazing we take our bird with us everywhere even on planes Best purchase ever
  • 2018-09-18
    I originally bought one of those carriers on here with the ugly patterns that are just bulky shoulder bags with mesh on each side and a perch inside. I wasn't satisfied with it at all, but it was the only bird carrier I could find that was easily portable and didn't cost $200-300 like Celltei carriers. I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a Celltei carrier for my bird, when I found this one. It looked excellent online and had good reviews, so I ordered one. I was skeptical about the quality of it because it just seemed too good to be true. My other searches for carriers other than Celltei brand (which are outrageously overpriced, like, come on, what makes your carrier worth over $200???) and the crappy one I bought before yielded nothing, so imagine how skeptical I was of this one when I found it.

    However, when it arrived and I unboxed it, I was amazed. It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy in any way. Unlike the ugly carrier I bought before, it looks good, not too different from a regular backpack. It also has shoulder straps, which the ugly carrier didn't have; it only had a crossbody strap, which made it too unstable when walking and shook my poor bird around when I was trying to take him out for a nice stroll at the park. I would have to hold it by the top handle constantly, which just ruined the experience for me, since it was really tiring.

    This carrier has a lot of versatility in how you carry it. You can wear it on your back like a backpack, over the shoulder like a messenger bag, or simply carry it by the top handle. I haven't tried it yet, but you could probably strap it to your front like a baby carrier, if you felt safer taking your bird out when you could keep an eye on the carrier or if you simply wanted to have your bird closer to interact with. One thing I didn't know about this bag when I ordered it is that it has the ability to be configured so that you can fasten a seatbelt through the straps on the back, like you would a child's carseat. The waist straps can be fastened into 2 extra buckles at the top for this feature. The instructions that come with it explain this. I was happy when I discovered this addition. I like to take my bird places, but I want to ensure that he is safe while traveling. You can put the shoulder strap over the headrest of one of your carseats and fasten the seatbelt through the straps on the back for a secure ride for your bird, while driving.

    All of the zippers on the carrier are high quality, not flimsy and breakable. You would have a very hard time breaking one of these zippers. The clear plastic window on the front of the carrier is very flexible but doesn't feel like it would be easily broken. I love the shades that you can roll over the front and sides if your bird needs sleep or privacy while traveling. The area for attaching a water bottle is an awesome addition, and the elastic straps for holding the bottle are very snug. My bird has a glass water bottle, and I don't worry at all about it slipping out of the straps of this bag. The food bowl also fits very snugly and securely. I like the drip tray and the removable grate that goes over it. It's extremely easy to clean. The included zipper pouch is super useful for carrying foods or prescriptions, and the mesh pocket on the side is great for treats. While out and about, the metal ventilation holes in the carrier are big enough that you could give your bird treats through them and not have to try unzipping the bag a little and risking your bird flying away. Also, another thing I didn't know when I ordered is that the carrier comes with a storage bag for storing the entire carrier, which is really nice. If you don't use it often, the bag can keep it from getting dusty and protect it from pests while in storage.

    When I first set the carrier up, I used a wet cloth soaked in bird safe sanitizing solution to wipe down the inside of the carrier and the perch. The material is smooth and very easy to wipe off. The drip tray slides in through one side and fits very tightly, so you don't have to worry about the tray moving arou
  • 2018-09-08
    This is high quality made bird carrier with all the bells and whistles. My conure has tons of room and was not stressed on the car ride or while being carried in the backpack. Don’t hesitate to buy. I recommend to everyone.
  • 2018-09-08
    We love it for our two cockatiels.
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