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Petsfit bird backpack
Petsfit bird backpack


US$ 89.99
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  • 2019-06-20
    So I just got the backpack today. I have to say that it looks AMAZING. only thing buyers beware the perch is made for a budgie not much bigger. I can't say that i can see my senegal or quaker enjoying to stand on it. It is just too skinny. They need to make a perch for it that is wider that will fit other birds.
  • 2019-04-25
    His head can't go any higher, and his tail can't go any lower. In fact, we only put paper in bottom tray without the grate or his tail drags. We were kind of discouraged when we first got this carrier because it stated the perch is 1 diameter when it's really 1/2 . I noticed they've since changed that info. But we liked the carrier so much we decided it was worth customizing a perch. Also the wire that attaches the food dish was about 1/8 too short. They kindly replaced it and also gave us $10 back because of the mislabeled perch size. Company was excellent to deal with. We put in our own perch finally (pictured) with our own hardware. Perfect now. Only other complaint is that the perch can turn around in the carrier, unless they've fixed this problem. When we put in our own perch, we also added ahdesive gripper mat pieces cut to size. Solved. If anyone wants to upgrade with their own perch, pictured is the hardware it took. The hanger bolts are a bit troublesome to put in, but here's what I learned. If you use an acorn nut on the end, but first screw on 3 standard nuts (from a package bolt set I had on hand), you can use a drill with socket attachment to screw in the bolt via the acorn nut UNTIL the nut breaks through (they're weak) then then standard nuts will act as a stop and give you more length so you can continue to screw in until the bolt end and the smooth middle are in the wood, leaving only the machine end of the bolt exposed. Make sure the washers are stainless steel for bird safety! Other hardware can have zinc. First slide on a washer at each end, install perch, slide on another washer at each end on the outside now (adhese rubber backing first), then finish with wing nuts. You can see in the pictures how it looks on the outside, and they don't stick out enough to cause problems.
  • 2019-03-24
    It’s well made and well designed - particularly the pull out tray. I like that it also has a wire grate in the tray just as you would have in a cage. The one drawback for me are the ventilation holes in the top. They are large enough for my little guy to get his head into so I need to cover them somehow. The carrier itself would be really great if it came in a smaller size.
  • 2019-03-01
    I was pleased to find out how well is made, and then my african grey broke one of the buttons... I am so disappointed because I planned to use it... don't know what to do now. Picture is here
  • 2019-01-01
    The cup for the food does not fit into the holder in the backpack. I like that you can keep it completely dark inside and it can attach as a car seat.
  • 2018-10-28
    Worked well for a long distance move